How did you handle comments about your breastfeeding choices?

Bronx, NY
Getting Support

Healthy breastfeeding is different for every woman—there is no one-size-fits-all. After choosing to extend breastfeeding for her daughter, one mom faced questions about her decision. Hear her thoughts on why it’s important to stay true to your breastfeeding plan.

Tina's Tips

  • Build a stash and practice bottle-feeding before you return to work. “When I went back to work with my first-born, I didn’t know about building a stash and I didn’t even think to practice bottle-feeding. I ended up having to go home the first day of work because he wouldn’t take the bottle. Second time around, I made sure we practiced that.”

  • Stimulate milk production. “I had a c-section with my second child. I worried it would interfere with my body’s ability to make milk. So I put warm, wet towels on my breasts to stimulate production.”

  • Build a community. “I’m lucky to have a lot of community support. But there are a lot of robust online communities that can help, too. You can establish relationships with people who are at the same stage you’re at and learn a lot.”

  • Ask for support. “Having support and being able to ask somebody for help is like the biggest gift that we can give ourselves. If you can’t reach out in person, go to social media, check out video tutorials, read up on message boards. There’s so much out there.”

  • Overwhelmed? Get outside. “When I’m overwhelmed, I know I have to get outside. Just feeling the breeze or the sun, or even the rain on your face can keep you going and be a good reset.”

  • Give back. “There’s a lot of information out there, but sometimes all another mom needs is someone to really talk to—and know there will be no judgment, no shaming. When I see a mom struggling, I talk to her and let her know she’s not alone. I’ve even given some my number.”