Did you have a breastfeeding setback that you overcame?

Crestview, FL
Breastfeeding Challenges

The breastfeeding relationship looks different for each mom and brings its own set of unique challenges. See how, with the help of a lactation consultant, this mom was able to overcome her breastfeeding challenge and successfully breastfeed for a year.

Tiffany's Tips

  • Know the laws. “Before approaching my superiors, I looked up the state and federal laws around pumping at work. Having that knowledge gave me the confidence to have that conversation.”

  • Lead the way. “Not everyone will understand why breastfeeding is important. It’s important to stay confident and determined. You might even be able to educate them.”

  • Use the tools. “At first, I felt demoralized by having to use a nipple shield. But it worked and eventually we didn’t need it anymore. You don’t need to feel guilty about using breastfeeding tools.”

  • Connect with other moms. “As a military family that moves around a lot, I reached out to mom groups and other nursing military moms for support.”

  • Stay determined. “If there’s one thing the Army taught me, it’s that being determined will see you through. Challenges are likely, but being determined can help you figure out solutions.”