How does pumping help you make time for yourself?

Minneapolis, MN
Time Away From Baby

To be the best parent you can be, you need to take time for yourself. One family wanted to make mom’s upcoming vacation a reality without effecting the breastfeeding schedule. See how they made it work through pumping and storing breast milk ahead of time.

Sonny's Tips

  • Talk to your employer. “Give your supervisor a heads-up. Talk to them about what you’ll need and show them that you have a game plan.”

  • Leave a pump at work. “Not having to haul a pump back and forth between home and work was a lifesaver for me.”

  • Keep spare parts at the office. “Missing a few parts can throw off your whole schedule, so I have a drawer at work that’s full of extra valves, flanges and tubes.”

  • Multitask as you pump. “I actually work while I pump. It makes me feel more efficient so I can leave work at work.”

  • Put pumping sessions on your work calendar. “Having my sessions blocked out was a discreet and efficient way to let my co-workers know I’d be unavailable for meetings.”