How does pumping give your family more balance?

Minneapolis, MN
Breastfeeding Challenges

Nursing moms deserve a break. Pumping and bottle feeding with breast milk can give caregivers a chance to connect with baby—and give moms a chance to rest. See how one couple uses pumping to share responsibilities and restore family balance.

Sonny's Tips

  • Talk to your employer. “Give your supervisor a heads-up. Talk to them about what you’ll need and show them that you have a game plan.”

  • Leave a pump at work. “Not having to haul a pump back and forth between home and work was a lifesaver for me.”

  • Keep spare parts at the office. “Missing a few parts can throw off your whole schedule, so I have a drawer at work that’s full of extra valves, flanges and tubes.”

  • Multitask as you pump. “I actually work while I pump. It makes me feel more efficient so I can leave work at work.”

  • Put pumping sessions on your work calendar. “Having my sessions blocked out was a discreet and efficient way to let my co-workers know I’d be unavailable for meetings.”