How do you fit pumping into the needs of a large family on the go?

St. Louis, MO
Breastfeeding Challenges

Juggling the needs of multiple children at different developmental stages is no small task. Imagine finding the time to pump, too. Wanting to breastfeed her newborn, one mom finds ways to pump on the go, including pumping in the car. See how a spirit of flexibility helps her meet the needs of five children without sacrificing her breastfeeding goals.

Nichole's Tips

  • Keep an open mind. “How your nursing relationship worked with one baby may not impact how you nurse with the next. Go into breastfeeding with an open mind.”

  • Don’t let anxiety get the best of you. “With my first, I was so stressed out about pumping at work that I didn’t even try. Now I just try to take it one day at a time.”

  • Create a space for you and your partner. “My husband and I have a restaurant that’s just for us. We don’t even let ourselves talk about the kids over dinner. It makes our marriage stronger.”

  • Center yourself. “I’ve breastfed five children and I’ve had my fair share of set backs. I’ve found that when I’ve made the time to relax, my supply really evened out.”

  • Share nighttime feedings. “My husband and I both work, so we take turns on the night shift. Sharing that responsibility goes a long way in our marriage and really lowers my stress levels.”