Making Breastfeeding Work

Medela Moments
Breastfeeding Challenges

We brought together real moms to have a conversation about the realities of breastfeeding. Different challenges, different backgrounds, and different experiences that all lead to the same goal—feeding their babies with breast milk for as long as they choose.

Tips for Making Breastfeeding Work

  • Make time for you-time. “I think it’s important for moms to remember that they’re individuals. As much as we love our kids and being moms, we do need us-time. Pumping gives me the freedom to get out of the house, do what I need to do, and know my son is fed while I’m away.” - Kiah, First-time mom

  • Make it a team effort! “My husband didn’t realize just how big this was, but it was so helpful how he would put away my milk when I got home from work. He’d also call me before feeding the baby with a bottle in case I wanted to breastfeed when I got home.” - Carolyn, Breastfeeding mom of two