Date Night

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Time Away From Baby

Getting time away as a couple can be a challenge—especially if you’re breastfeeding. We asked real couples how they made date night work for them. Whether out on the town, or at home on the couch—they all agreed—it’s important to find time to connect.

Tips for Preparing for a Babysitter

  • Set expectations. Make sure your sitter knows your usual schedule. Be sure to contact your sitter if you’re close to a feeding session and would prefer to breastfeed when you get home or if they can bottle-feed.

  • Prepare ahead of time. Clearly dated and organized bottles or storage bags could go a long way to preventing a feeding mishap. Make sure there’s an extra feed or two just to be safe!

  • Give them a demonstration. Let your sitter know where the clean feeding supplies are, how you clean bottles, and how to prepare the breast milk (never microwave!).