I think breast milk is _______.

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The life-giving benefits of breast milk are nothing short of amazing. We asked real moms how they felt about breast milk and learned what motivated them to make sure their babies got as much breast milk as possible.

The best food for babies

  • Research shows that breastfed infants have fewer and shorter episodes of illness.1

  • Breastfeeding is the most natural and nutritious way to encourage your baby’s optimal development.2

  • Colostrum (the first milk) is a gentle, natural laxative that helps clear baby’s intestine, decreasing the chance for jaundice to occur.3

  • The superior nutrition provided by breast milk benefits your baby’s IQ.4

It’s good for mom!

  • From 3 months to 12 months postpartum, breastfeeding increases the rate of weight loss in most nursing mothers.5

  • Breastfeeding women report psychological benefits such as increased self-confidence and a stronger sense of connection with their babies.6

  • Breastfeeding decreases risks of cardiovascular disease into postmenopausal age.7