How do you balance your career and motherhood?

St. Paul, MN
Work & Pumping

Balancing breastfeeding with a career is especially challenging, but pumping ahead of time can help. If your career combines traveling and pumping—preparation is key. See how Justa manages to balance a career in the sciences—which includes traveling and pumping—with being a nursing mom.

Justa's Tips

  • Get support from the professionals. “In the first couple of months I had reoccurring issues with mastitis. I finally reached out and worked with my midwife to get my body to regulate production.”

  • Create your own village. “There’s so much knowledge you can only get from talking to other moms. Different strategies work for different babies and other moms can show you what’s worked for them.”

  • Hydrate while pumping. “Not only would I drink a lot of water during the day, but also while I was pumping.”

  • Use breast milk to introduce new foods. “We have found that Matilda was more willing to eat new foods if we mixed it up with breast milk. It’s been so useful to get her into veggies.”

  • Plan for no power when traveling. “Having a battery pack for my pump was key—especially in airports. When I’m out in the field, I pack my hand pump so I can maintain my supply even if I can’t save the milk.”

  • Breast milk is a part of a sustainable lifestyle. “Beyond the health benefits, breast milk is just a more sustainable environmental option. It’s a great way to be green—and that’s important to me and my family.”