How does motherhood look different for you?

Denver, CO
Fertility Issues

The path to motherhood is different for everyone, but the desire for healthy babies and families is universal. Hear why one gestational surrogate decided to continue donating breast milk even after baby was born.

Jennifer's Tips

  • Consider donating. “Donation doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Even giving a few extra ounces to a milk bank can make a world of difference for a family.”

  • Ask for support. “There’s a lot of support out there. Finding information online can be critical when you’re home and up at odd hours.”

  • Single mom? Breastfeeding is still possible. “I would tell any single mom that breastfeeding is possible. You might need to ask for extra help. You might need to supplement. But that’s okay.”

  • Use a breastfeeding app. “I use an app to help me figure out when and how often to pump. It’s just so easy to enter the information into my phone to keep me on track.”

  • Pump with a work buddy. “I used to pump with a co-worker at the fire station. Having that camaraderie helped us stay consistent and gave us a chance to share tips.”