Today’s Working Moms

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Work & Pumping

This generation of moms knows all too well the challenges of balancing working outside the home with pumping. Grandmother Lynn shares her perspective on how breastfeeding has changed since her time as a stay-at-home mom.

Pumping at Work Advice From Real Moms

  • Buddy up. “I would pump with another teacher, and it was a really awesome bonding experience. We brought in things from home to make our pumping space more comfortable and were able to support each other emotionally, too.” –Katie, high school teacher and mom of two

  • Build up your stash. “One thing I really wish I’d done differently is to have more of a freezer stash before going back. My supply dipped when I returned, and it was stressful to not have extra milk saved from my maternity leave.” –Kiah, first-time mom

  • Keep a pump at work. “My husband knows how forgetful I can be. He got me another pump so I could keep it at work and have one less thing to possibly forget going back and forth.” –Bianca, Marine recruiter and first-time mom