Breastfeeding in the NICU

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Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding doesn’t always have an ideal start, but that doesn’t have to define your experience. NICU mom Dara shares how choosing donated breast milk inspired her to continue pumping during her daughter’s recovery and eventually led to a successful breastfeeding relationship.

5 Tips for Boosting Your Supply

  • 1. Increase frequency
    Pumping or breastfeeding frequently is one of the best ways to start increasing supply. Your body is designed to respond to your baby’s feeding needs. An additional feeding or pumping session could prompt your body into producing more milk.

  • 2. Breastfeed, then pump
    Sometimes your baby will stop feeding before you feel like all the milk has been removed, so add a pumping session after your baby is finished feeding. This will help your body adjust to a greater feeding need and continue to produce more milk.

  • 3. Self-care
    A healthy diet, relaxation, and staying hydrated can positively affect your supply. Make time for a warm bath, a quick nap, or a little bit of reading in a comfy chair. You deserve it! By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your baby, too.

  • 4. Herbal supplements
    Fenugreek is one of several herbs sometimes used to increase supply. Consult with a lactation professional for additional information before taking any supplement.

  • 5. Talk to a professional
    Remember there are always lactation professionals available to help with breastfeeding concerns like low milk supply. Seek out a local lactation consultant, submit your question online with our Ask the LC tool, or sign up for our 24/7 LC service for instant access to live lactation consultants at your fingertips—there’s a world of support out there!