Did you have a conversation with your employer about breastfeeding?

New York, NY
Work & Pumping

Having a conversation about breastfeeding and pumping at work with your employer can feel intimidating. But that conversation is often exactly what’s needed to reduce the pressure on yourself. Even if you feel nervous, talking about breastfeeding with your employer can make the back-to-work transition that much easier. Take it from a mom who’s been there.

Danae's Tips

  • Consider a hospital-grade pump. “I started having supply issues after going back to work. Renting the hospital-grade Symphony® for the office was a game changer. My supply just kept going up.”

  • Simplify the morning rush. “My commute can be hectic. Having a pump at work meant one less thing to carry into the office.”

  • Stock up during maternity leave. “I wish I’d built up a stash before going back to work. It was stressful enough getting back into the work rhythm, but I was also worrying about my supply.”

  • Be open with your employer. “Talking with your employer about pumping can be awkward. But by being transparent, I knew my supervisor was okay with me leaving meetings to pump.”

  • Breastfeeding doesn’t always start off perfectly. “My son was in the NICU and I wasn’t able to breastfeed right away. I put a lot of pressure on myself because I thought nursing had to start with the baby directly nursing. That didn’t happen for us, but we have a great nursing relationship a year later.”